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Top 5 GPUs of 2020!

While the start of 2020 may have been a quiet period for GPU releases, it has felt like a new graphics card has launched every week for the past few months. Here, we recap our five favourite GPUs from 2020, explaining why we have chosen the products that we did. As always, let us know whether you agree – or disagree! – in the comments.

#5: Nvidia RTX 3070

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#4: AMD RX 6800

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#3: Nvidia RTX 3080

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#2: AMD RX 6800 XT

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#: Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti

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KitGuru says: There's always a lot of discussion about new GPU releases – let us know your thoughts on this list and whether or you agree or disagree with us. And of course, stay tuned for plenty more GPU reviews in 2021 and beyond!

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