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Alleged Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 SUPER specifications point to 4864 CUDA cores

In Nvidia's announcement of the RTX 30 series, there was no word regarding the RTX 3060 graphics card. Nonetheless, the RTX 3060 is expected to come before this year ends, with November being the most likely. Two variants of the RTX 3060 are expected, one using the GA106 GPU (RTX 3060) and the other the GA104 GPU. The latter is rumoured to be the Super/Ti variant.

Coming from the same leaker who shared the specifications of other RTX 30 series before Nvidia's announcement, @kopite7kimi has posted what are believed to be the specifications of the RTX 3060 Super/Ti graphics card. As per the leaker, this model will use the GA104-200 GPU with 4864 CUDA cores, 1024 cores less than the RTX 3070 (also using the GA104 GPU). Just like the RTX 3070, it will be equipped with GDDR6 memory (non-X) and will use the PG142 SKU 20 board.

The leaker is not sure if it's the RTX 3060Ti or 3060 Super. As per Videocardz, there are roadmaps mentioning the Super variant, but none mention the Ti one. There's also the chance that both graphics cards are actually the same and that the naming for the beefier RTX 3060 hasn't been decided yet.

The Ti/Super variants of the RTX 30 series are expected to release after AMD reveals its Big Navi. These variants would work as Nvidia's direct response to the upcoming AMD graphics cards, similar to what happened in the previous generation.

Changing the topic, another tweet made by the same leaker claims that the “3070 SUPER(99%) or Ti” is also coming soon, which would fit between the RTX 3070 and the RTX 3080. Given the $200 price difference and expected performance of both, it might come with a fully enabled GA104 GPU and GDD6X memory.

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KitGuru says: Are these specifications what you would expect from the RTX 3060 Super/Ti? Will you wait for more Nvidia Ampere and the upcoming AMD Big Navi graphics cards before upgrading your GPU?

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