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Nvidia’s CEO has shared his thoughts on recent Intel and AMD news

Intel and AMD have been dominating the tech news cycle this week. Not only did the two companies announce a collaboration for new Intel laptop processors, but AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group head, Raja Koduri, also announced that he would be jumping to Intel to help lead GPU development there. With two of Nvidia’s biggest competitors making such huge moves, CEO Jensen Huang couldn’t help but share his thoughts on it.

Nvidia held its quarterly earnings report on Thursday night, showing investors results that surpassed expectations. During the call, one financial analyst asked for Huang’s opinion on the recent news coming out of AMD and Intel. He first acknowledged that “there’s a lot of news out there”, before describing Raja leaving as “a great loss for AMD”.

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Huang also described Raja being picked up by Intel as a recognition “that the GPU is just incredibly, incredibly important”. The thing that specifically targets Nvidia, is the idea of Intel producing its own high-end discrete GPUs, moving away from just focusing on integrated graphics solutions.

As Fortune reports, Huang argued that it would take years for Intel to be succeed in bringing a high-end GPU product to market. “It’s an enormous undertaking”, he said, adding that it can take around three years to bring a new design to market.

KitGuru Says: It likely will be a few years before we see a high-end GPU from Intel hit the market, whether it’s for workstations, AI, servers or gaming. However, when that time does come, it will be interesting to see how this conversation changes. 

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