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Nvidia’s GTX 1070Ti will reportedly launch on the 26th of October

Over the last few weeks, we have begun seeing some mysterious rumours detailing a new graphics card from Nvidia- the GTX 1070Ti. This card is said to fill the price and performance gap between the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 in order to combat RX Vega. Now thanks to new reports this week, we know when to expect this GPU’s arrival.

I’m still fairly sceptical when it comes to the GTX 1070Ti but this week, two sources are claiming a late October release date for the card. Sources speaking with Videocardz have claimed a late October launch, meanwhile the folks at Nordic Hardware managed to get a more specific date- the 26th of October.

The GTX 1070Ti should retail for around $400 in the US, with 8GB of GDDR5 memory, more CUDA cores and higher clock speeds compared to the non-Ti version of the card. Currently, the 1070Ti is expected to have around 2432 CUDA cores, which is a significant jump from the GTX 1070’s 1920 CUDA cores and not far off the GTX 1080’s 2560 CUDA cores.

We have already heard this week that board partners are already working on custom cooled variants of this GPU, so there may be some ready to launch at the end of next month.

KitGuru Says: It is starting to seem more and more likely that the GTX 1070Ti is real. Given that there is only so much room in terms of performance between the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080, this is going to be an interesting launch to follow over the coming weeks. 

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  • David Howell

    You can almost imagine the meetings in the Nvidia boardroom that led to this. “OK, Vega looks like it’s actually got a segment to shoot for, gamers actually want a card in this range. But all the Vega cards are going to miners. Could we do a cut-down 1080 to fit that gap?”

  • Jezwinni

    Which is pretty clever really.

  • obimas

    Then 1080 is dead?

  • Brice Fleckenstein

    2304 Cuda Cores would make more sense – otherwise it’s going to do major canibolization of 1080 sales. They’d have to price it more like $450 to be reasonable vs CURRENT 1070 and 1080 pricing.

    2048 CUDA cores would make even more sense at the stated price point – which is LOWER than current pricing on the 1070 but a little higher than MSRP on the 1070.

    This card might have made sense for miners 2-5 months ago, but with the AMD RX cards finally dropping a lot on price and getting regularly available again, ETH miners will NOT be interested even if it manages to match 1080ti ETH mining hashrate.