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Linux patch provides Radeon RX Vega specs, highlights DNA of Raven Ridge

Following on from the first RX Vega benchmark leak earlier this week, a Linux graphics driver patch has released, in which traces of the GPUs specs have been found. Cracking open the driver and scrolling through its many, many lines of code reveals the number of shader engines, compute units, texture mapping units and ROPs embedded in Vega 10.

From the 64 compute units and 64 shader engines, you can reach the much-discussed 4096 stream processors Vega is said to have. There are still quite a few questions about the chip design, including a rumoured new direction in tile-based rendering which will save GPU processing power and make the chip more efficient than Fiji, AMD's last flagship GPU architecture.


While Vega 10 was the highlight here, the folks over at ComputerBase.de spotted something we missed the first time around. There is a string of code found in the driver pertaining to Raven Ridge, AMD's next APU, based on Zen. It seems Raven Ridge may also feature a Vega-based iGPU, on top of Zen-based CPU cores.

While Vega still has no launch date, it is widely presumed to be launched at Computex 2017 right at the end of May.

KitGuru Says: It seems that AMD has taken quite a lot of what made Fury X a good GPU, and the Linux driver provides a more solid base for performance assumptions. However, there are still questions that need to be answered, especially if Vega is going to launch with multiple SKUs. 

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