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Galaxy GTX 460 GC 768MB Review

The Galaxy GTX 460 GC 768MB card proved to be an exceptional performer in all the testing we put it through. We like the unique design Galaxy has used and the fact that the fan can be fully removed. The cooling system was very effective but far from quiet.  The noise level of the fan was clearly audible over the rest of the fans used in our test system but not loud enough to make us want to remove the card for a quieter solution.  If we were looking at a HTPC setup we would probably look elsewhere or at least purchase an aftermarket cooler to reduce noise levels.

Other than fan noise we really have nothing else negative to say about this card. In many situations it performed beyond our expectations and would definitely be a good scoop for anyone looking for performance without shelling out a fortune. We have absolutely no problem recommending this card and feel it easily qualifies for our “worth buying” award. It can be purchased in Canada from NewEgg.ca

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Rating: 8.5.

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