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61% of KitGuru readers polled own Nvidia graphics

On Monday we ran a little public poll on our Facebook page. Around 2,000 readers answered and today, as promised, we share the results. No, This is not an AMD versus Nvidia editorial because that always gets much too heated and people end up arguing over nothing. We simply wanted to know how many of you are running AMD or Nvidia graphics in your systems in 2017. The results are interesting.

The latest STEAM hardware survey shows that almost 60% of their user base are using Nvidia graphics, with almost 24% running with AMD hardware. Another 16.2% of the STEAM base are using Intel integrated, which in itself is a scary thought. The last time I tried to game with Intel integrated was not a pleasant experience.

We didn’t offer an Intel integrated option, but out of the people polled, almost 61% said they were gaming with Nvidia graphics. 39.2% said they were using AMD hardware – which is a pretty impressive result considering the AMD release cycle has been quiet for some time. With AMD VEGA around the corner we would imagine people are hanging fire on an upgrade, possibly a large percentage of AMD fans waiting on the new hardware to be released.

AMD VEGA has been much hyped in recent weeks, and Scott Herkelman, vice president and general manager of Radeon gaming at AMD suggested that 4GB of HBM2 Vega graphics card memory could have similar bandwidth against the 11GB of memory fitted to the GTX 1080ti. All of this has to be taken with a pinch of salt, well until key review sites like KitGuru get their hands on the hardware.

KitGuru says: Are you waiting on the new AMD cards before you get yourself an upgrade or did you already invest in one of the new Nvidia cards such as the GTX1080 ti?

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  • Trooper

    I am waiting to see what Vega has to offer. If it turns out to be a let down then I’ll end up getting the 1080 Ti.

  • John

    I think with all honestly its unlikely AMD vega will beat the GTX1080ti. Its unlikely it will even get close iMO.

  • Heervristi

    all these speculations….

  • Josh Montano

    Unlikely. I also thought it was unlikely that Ryzen would have such impressive workstation numbers.

    Seems AMD likes to show us up, when we doubt them. And they also like to take their sweet ass time, which isn’t a bad thing. Having to upgrade your CPU/GPU to the next best thing every 3 months gets tiresome.

    I, personally, am EXTREMELY excited to see what the RX500 series brings us. My RX480 was one of the best investments I’ve made in a while, and I wouldn’t mind continuing that trend.

  • Kevin Mangkornkaew

    What are you talking about? The Vega was showcased in Doom and it did better than the Titan XP? So obviously it will be close to 1080TI

  • John

    So you believe AMD running a game test and thats it? Wow what an easy sell you are. A company set up VEGA in one game with a system we don’t know, and settings we can’t confirm and you are already out with the AMD fanboy tattoos on your forehead claiming a witchhunt. It must be easy selling shit to you guys as you never want verification or proof. Muppets.

  • John

    Actually I knew Ryzen would deliver, but I knew it wouldn’t beat Intel Skylake or Kaby Lake in gaming. and it didn’t. Ive been a strong supporter for Ryzen when idiots were in here saying ‘Oh Wow that sucks’. As they skipped over the pages showing it beating a 6950X at three times the price in some productivity/rendering tests.

    I have little faith in AMD graphics to be honest – cause ive had so many fail over the years, and seen so many rebadged crap from them its hard to have faith. They tried to sell us on memory count for 4k, they did a 180 when their flagship Fury X had half the memory of the lower cost 480 ( 4GB v 8GB) at twice the price. Suddenly AMD said 8GB of memory isn’t that important for 4k gaming. 580 will be rebadged 480 with a price hike and probably another 50mhz core clock speed.

    My point is this – stop blindly believing all these companies say as gospel and forking out money for stuff you don’t need.

  • John

    yes, exciting isn’t it ? got yours on preorder already I would assume? maybe even two, for Crossfire?

  • Diamantis Wildfire

    Actually.. plenty youtubers confirm the max settings of Doom running on Vega. Even Linus confirmed, check it out 🙂

  • Luke Patchett

    I’m a waiting for Vega personally, it’d be a nice upgrade from my R9 Fury that i currently have in my main PC

  • John

    Oh god, a Linus and youtube watcher. that says its all. ill check out Linus when I get a time travel machine and become 18 again, sure……

  • WhateverYouWantItToBe

    You might be right, AMD have been trying to capture markets outside of the very top. I think the RX 480 did a good job of that, and it’s a shame that the 580 is rumoured to have no physical improvements. I hope it’s wrong and that rumour was for the 570.

    The Fury cards were also pretty cool but poorly marketed and the Fury Nano could have been something great for the micro machines that are getting popular but was a little too expensive for the performance it delivered.

    We shall see. I think Vega will be pretty impressive, but 1080 Ti may be a little too much to ask.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    I still hold on my 7580 only because I have very long upgrade circles. I go with AMD so far because I want to see balance in the market and because it is not like they have any problem that will keep me from getting one. They perform identically with nvidias at the price range and never had any major problem with drivers or the hardware itself.
    After all always nvidia and amd seem to place their cards in between each other in pricing and performance, I remember when I got my 7850 one step higher in price and performance was the nvidia 560TI and one step lower in cost and performance was 560, so really I just pick the one with the lower market share.

    Who knows maybe I will go with nvidia if they ever be on the other side (I doubt it, but anyway)

  • Kevin Mangkornkaew

    It gives us some sort of idea of what it is capable of John. So yeah i believe it’s enough to make an assumption where on the performance chart it is standing. You said it’s unlikely it will even be close, which is why i referred to the Vega GPU running Doom. Also yeah you asked for the settings which was confirmed by youtubers such as linus etc.

  • Heervristi

    i’m running a Fury right now. I don’t need a new GPU for the coming 2 years …

  • valgarlienheart .

    Waiting for Vega, little let down at the moment, the best AMD card for sale is the 480, you can’t even pick up a Fury new (for a reasonable price), bit of an AMD fan boy but they really need to pull their f-ing finger out with Vega, I don’t care if it’s not as good as a 1080Ti I want good value for money that can play 4K.

    Additionally Ryzen has been a bit of a let down, purely because it’s so half-assed at the moment with memory.

  • RemoveSaracen

    Not even close, it was about 10% faster than a stock 1080.

  • Lelisevis

    Ah it’s St John, you don’t half spend a lot of time preaching, do we have to take everything you say as Gospel? You’ve already put your money down on a GTX1080ti so it’s highly unlikely you are going to find anything positive to say about Vega, why are you hanging around here trolling? A truly wise man would have put his money aside and waited for the GPU dust to settle, after all you have demonstrated you are patient enough to wait for a motherboard to pair with the AMD processor you bought a month ago, I mean you had enough faith in AMD then what makes you think they can’t pull off two successes in a row?

  • Kevin Mangkornkaew

    If i remember correctly i think it was an overclocked 1080

  • RemoveSaracen

    Bang4Buck PC Gamer on Youtube showed that an OC’ed 1080 matches it. Check it out.

  • Jimmy Q

    Doom because of Vulkan and AoTS because of DX12….
    You just confirmed what John said.

  • Jimmy Q

    11K subs, horrible like to dislike ratio.
    Also, AMD only showed one screenshot of settings.
    Wait for the fkn reviews.

  • Jimmy Q

    That’s the only way AMD comes out ahead. 🙂

  • Jimmy Q

    Lots of people running Ryzen with 3600MHz…

  • valgarlienheart .

    I know some have, but only certain types of RAM, also I know of many that have tried and failed

  • Munchy

    I was in camp amd for years, till I moved to a 970 g1 gamer card and realised how quiet and cool my pc was running. I now have a 1070 amp extreme and I’m even more blown away at its temps and lack of noise as the fans don’t even come on most games lol. I don’t see myself going amd till they run quiet and a lot less heat.

  • Munchy

    in all fairness linus was at an event where it showed the 1800x beating the i7s in gaming but a few days later we all found out about the riging of those showcases. you cant trust everything everyone says. Lets wait and see when its released and then make a informed choice.