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HIS HD5550 Silence 1GB DDR3 Review

We recorded temperatures at idle after resting in Windows for 30 minutes, and then we tested load by using the synthetic test Furmark. The card was inside a Silverstone Raven 02 for the testing. Room ambient was kept at 25c throughout.

Furmark is a synthetic test and as such pushes video cards harder than any games on the market. As such this is strictly a ‘worst case scenario’ which we always like to present in our reviews. While gaming, the card never exceeded 55c under load, 8 degrees lower than we recorded with Furmark stress testing. The cooler is handling the test really well, aided significantly by the low power requirements of the HD5550.

It is not likely people will be using a Raven 02 with a card like this so we also tested inside a Shuttle HTPC chassis.

In a more confined chassis the HIS graphics card manages to outperform the Asus Bravo by several degrees under load.

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