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HIS HD5550 Silence 1GB DDR3 Review

When testing the HD5550 we built a system around good value enthusiast level components, because while this card is not marketed directly as a gaming solution, we are sure that many users will be firing up a game for light entertainment. We will be comparing this to an Asus Bravo 220 which we reviewed a short while ago .. both cards are targeted at the same price point to a similar audience and give a good representation of performance in this sector.

Many people buying one of these cards will be using the system with a 1080p HD television and this is exactly what we will pair it with today.

We are using this core system for game tests:

Intel Core i5 655k
Corsair 4GB DDR3 @ 1600mhz
Intel DP55WG motherboard
Coolit ECO A.L.C.
Corsair TX650W PSU
Panasonic NeoPDP 42inch 600hz Plasma

Gaming with the HIS HD5550 is slightly better than we experienced with the Sapphire HD5550 ultimate recently which is clearly related to the use of 1300mhz GDDR3 memory on this model rather than 800mhz GDDR2. You could enjoy most games via a television with the HIS card if you were willing to compromise with some image quality settings from time to time. Crysis lovers need to look elsewhere.

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