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HIS HD5550 Silence 1GB DDR3 Review

At KitGuru we don’t really condone overclocking when you have a product with a passive cooling solution, its generally a recipe for crashes. That said, with the strong thermal results we recorded earlier we felt this time it was viable to see if there was any headroom available via overclocking.

We managed to get 100mhz out of the core and 150mhz out of the GDDR3 when we overclocked which is a very good result for a passive solution. Obviously we need to check temperatures under these situations as it can be risky if they are close to the limit.

When overclocked, the card temperature rises by 13c which is a considerable increase – however in a larger chassis such as the Silverstone Raven 02 we didn’t see such a high variable as the 3 x180mm fans significantly improve the passive cooling performance.

In reality, around 80c long term would be fine, however we can see that HIS have erred on the side of caution with the clock speeds and this is probably the safest, most practical long term approach to take.

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