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HIS HD5550 Silence 1GB DDR3 Review

Rating: 8.5.

If you hate noise and want to build a media center then today’s product will be of particular interest – the HIS HD5550 Silence 1GB graphics card. At KitGuru we have focused recently on this market, covering several ATI and nVidia solutions as we know many of our readers are building media systems.

The HIS HD5550 Silence 1GB Graphics card is fully Direct X 11 compliant and also supports EyeFinity Technology while only demanding a total of 40w under load. This card on test today is a 1300mhz DDR3 version which should be interesting as we have only tested 800mhz DDR2 versions in the past. We are one of the first sites to get a look at the GDDR3 version of this card.

CPU ATI 5550
Core Clock 550mhz
Memory Clock 1300mhz
Memory Size 1024MB
Memory Type GDDR3
Memory Interface 128bit
Interface PCI Express x 16 (PCI Express 2.1)
Card Dimensions 18.5×12.2×2.5cm (HxWxD)
Box Weight 0.16KG

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  • eric k

    thats actually very nice, I like the DDR3 option, i was amazed sapphire were still selling cards with DDR2, even if its lower end. id go for this rather than sapphire tbh.

  • ray

    another good review Zardon, take a break for god sake ! we will be carrying you out in a body bag !

  • tim

    Site seems to be going down, some pages arent loading for me.

    Thanks for the review, nice read.

  • stefan

    Excellent little board, and DDR3 which is rare on these lower end cards. like it.

  • harry

    very good review chaps. liked the power consumption, I must get one of these for my bedroom for media. IQ looks stellar

  • Tech Head

    12w idle and under 30w gaming. lol that is fucking legendary.

  • Francois Lebon

    Bollocks to this, review pissed me off πŸ™ I bought the DDR2 model last week πŸ™

  • Zardon’s Bane

    Honestly man, can you please let me know now if you have a GDDR5 version being reviewed next week? I don’t want to make the same mistake as poor Francois πŸ™

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