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Sapphire HD5670 Ultimate Edition Review

Yes, we recognised her too, its the same weird looking ninja femme fatale as seen on the Sapphire HD5550 Ultimate box.

Included in the box is a Crossfire cable, video adapters and instruction leaflet. There is also a plugin included called SimHD for the Arcsoft Total Media Theater player.

The HD5670 Ultimate Edition is protected by a thick piece of cardboard, inside an anti static bag. The more observant among you will see the bracket was bent in shipping, but we straightened it out.

The cooler is similar to the HD5550 we reviewed a short while ago – meaning it is substantial and finished to the highest quality.

The upper side of the cooler has an additional heat pipe block which helps to expel heat away from the PCB.

It is a clever design – as the core transfers heat to the main PCB plate, down the thick heatpipes at the side of the card and onto the upper heatsink on the upper area of the board.

There are two thick heatpipes connecting both heatsink systems.

A clean “Sapphire” badge adorns the heatsink, just in case you forgot who made the product. You can also notice the fan header on the PCB, which is obviously not connected to anything.

The card fully supports Crossfire, which we like to see. Unfortunately Sapphire didn’t supply us with two or we could have gave performance results in this review today. HD5670 Crossfire scaling has been shown to be good however.

The card supports Dual Link DVI out, as well as displayport and HDMI. This covers all the ‘digital’ bases and offers a solid array of outputs for both monitors and HD televisions.

You can see another heatpipe on the reverse side of the heatsink to help keep the temperatures level across the whole area.

A quick overview of the specifications and it is worth pointing out again that this card is NOT underclocked, it is running at the full reference HD5670 clock speeds. We are also happy to see the use of GDDR5.

Finally a shot of it one of our test systems, earlier this week. Very sexy.

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