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Sapphire HD5850 Toxic 1GB Video Card Review

Rating: 9.0.

The AMD 5xxx series has been a resounding success, dominating the mid/high range sector since it was released many months ago. We wouldn’t be the Guru’s of Kit we proclaim to be if we didn’t take a look at one of the sexiest 5850’s on the market – The Sapphire HD5850 Toxic Edition. This card was released several months ago and is a complete redesign of the AMD reference edition design.

The Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD5850 1GB card is clocked at 765mhz core and 1125mhz (4500mhz effective) on the memory – when compared with the reference 700mhz core and 1000mhz memory speeds … a rather noticeable speed boost.

Sapphire have also included their own cooler which is based around the Vapor-X technology – significantly reducing temperatures and noise while also allowing for further manual overclocking …. if you want to push things to breaking point (and we all do right?).

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  • William Crawford

    Bloody Nora batman, thats one scary overclock ! I snagged those apps, thanks for the heads up

  • Jeremey

    I love Sapphires modded cards, those coolers rock my world. Wouldnt it be cool if AMD actually released these from now on with all their new mid/high end ranges?

  • Derek S.

    Absolutely no chance they would be on reference cards, they cost too much. I like the thinking though. Hey with the Intel story that was on here a few days ago and the new reference coolers they are looking at, maybe the whole industry is shifting views on this?

  • Mother Trucker

    Hats off to Sapphire again,was going to buy this but I held off for a bit even though I read a few good reviews about it. This is a wicked board. £230!! just ordered one

  • Stefan

    £230 is a wicked price. the ordinary card is £240 in a local store here.

  • Axl Flowerpot

    Good price, would like to see CF figures for these. £460 for two of them, would be a good head to head against a GTX480 🙂

  • Death Dealer

    I think the 480 GTX would get its ass handed to it, then some, but would be interesting for sho.

  • Flopsy

    I think the 5770 is better value though, ive seen some for £120 online, two of them would beat one of these.

  • Stevenf

    Anyone seen a good price for one of these in Canada?

  • Stevenf

    £349.99 on newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102881&cm_re=hd5850_toxic-_-14-102-881-_-Product

  • Stevenf

    Canada? anyone know? best online place to buy?

  • Dumbo

    Great review, thanks KG

  • Johnnie

    Loved the review, thanks Gurus

  • Lucuisoo

    Sapphire are great, wish more makers would use vapor x style cooling.

  • Bobby Dinicko

    XFX are doing one which I think is sourced from the same company. check out this review. http://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/zardon/xfx-hd5870-black-edition-review/

  • Julia Francisco

    Read this review last night and didnt have time to comment. Its a great product as many reviews have already testifed to. Was interesting personally to see the drain figures at the wall.

  • death dealer

    not much stock available where I live. unfortunately as a bud of mine wants it.

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