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KitGuru Complete Guide to PC Workstations – Part 3

Showcase viewset (showcase-01)

The showcase-01 viewset was created from traces of Autodesk’s Showcase 2013 application. The model used in the viewset consists of 8 million vertices. The viewset is the first viewset in SPECviewperf to feature DirectX rendering. Rendering modes included in the viewset include shading, projected shadows, and self-shadows.

The following tests are included in the viewset:

1. Shaded with self-shadows
2. Shaded with self-shadows and projected shadows
3. Shaded
4. Shaded with projected shadows

This test is unusual because it measures DirectX rather than OpenGL performance. Like the medical-01 viewset, there is no perceptible change in performance with a faster processor core. However, you get more than twice the performance from the Quadro K2200 over the K620, making it well worth twice the money, and the benefit from the K4200 is almost as good in comparison to the K2200. However, the K5200 doesn’t improve things by such a huge percentage, making the K2200 the best budget choice, and the K4200 the most cost-effective high-end option.

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