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KitGuru Complete Guide to PC Workstations – Part 3

Siemens NX viewset (snx-02)

The snx-02 viewset was created from traces of the graphics workload generated by the NX 8.0 application from Siemens PLM. Model sizes range from 7.15 to 8.45 million vertices. The viewset includes numerous rendering modes supported by the application, including wireframe, anti-aliasing, shaded, shaded with edges, and studio mode.

Viewset tests:

• Powertrain in advanced studio mode
• Powertrain in shaded mode
• Powertrain in shaded-with-edges mode
• Powertrain in studio mode
• Powertrain in wireframe mode
• SUV in advanced studio mode
• SUV in shaded mode
• SUV in shaded-with-edges mode
• SUV in studio mode
• SUV in wireframe mode

This is yet another viewset where the host CPU is all but irrelevant. However, performance is reasonably in line with the extra GPU power available as you go up the range. Again, the NVIDIA Quadro K4200 is the standout in terms of performance for the money, but the K2200 doesn’t get you so much over the K620. It’s becoming abundantly clear why the K4200 is such a popular mainstream workstation choice.

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