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KitGuru Complete Guide to PC Workstations – Part 3

Test Software

SPECviewperf 12.0.2

For this second article, we are focusing our attention on the SPECviewperf test from the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. SPECviewperf 12 is the worldwide standard for measuring graphics performance, and is based on professional applications. The latest version is SPECviewperf 12.0.2, which extends performance measurement from physical to virtualized workstations. SPECgpc members at the time of V12.0.2 release include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Micron and NVIDIA. SPECviewperf 12 measures the 3D graphics performance of systems running under the OpenGL and Direct X application programming interfaces. The benchmark’s workloads, called viewsets, represent graphics content and behavior from actual applications.


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