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Kingston HyperX Predator 2800MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

The Kingston HyperX Predator 2800MHz 8GB memory kit features high-performance modules with substantial overclocking headroom. Assisted by the large heatspreaders, we managed to push Kingston’s flagship kit way past the 3GHz memory frequency barrier.

Overclocking performance of the HyperX Predator 2800MHz memory kit was very strong. At stock timings we had no problems pushing the kit past 3GHz with a 50mV bump in DRAM voltage and tweaking to motherboard settings.

With loosened timings, the Hynix M-die memory chips incorporated by Kingston had the HyperX Predator modules operating at 3136MHz with valid stability over our short-term tests. This 12% frequency boost speaks greatly for the overclocking potential of Kingston’s memory modules.

With enhanced cooling and further tweaking, we have no doubt that Kingston’s 2800MHz HyperX Predator memory kit has more frequency left in its tank.

Compatibility is another strength for the HyperX Predator 2800MHz kit. Kingston equips the set with a pair of XMP 1.3 profiles – one for 2800MHz and the other for 2666MHz – which gives users greater flexibility when using the modules in their system. The 2666MHz profile is particularly convenient for users with older processors such as those from the Ivy Bridge era.

Style is an odd point with the HyperX Predator modules. While the tall blue and black heatspreaders utilise an eye-catching design, colour coordination with modern motherboards is likely to be awkward. Many of the high-end, overclocking-geared Z87 motherboards have moved away from the use of blue in their colour scheme. On the other hand, extreme overclockers purchasing Kingston’s modules are unlikely to show concern towards appearance or matching hardware.

Performance-wise, Kingston’s Hynix M-die HyperX Predator modules operate exactly as we would expect single-sided MFR memory sticks to operate. Performance is lacking in comparison to many slower, tighter latency alternatives. But with the correct tweaking and a large amount of patience, the high-frequency capability of Kingston’s kit opens up the possibility for excellent performance numbers.

Priced at £191.21 from CCL, Kingston’s HyperX Predator 2800MHz kit is anything but cheap for an 8GB set of memory. But when compared to alternative 2800MHz memory kits, the price of Kingston’s HyperX Predator 2800MHz set is in the same region as the competing options from the likes of Avexir and Team Group.

Kingston‘s fast, highly-overclockable 2800MHz HyperX Predator memory kit is worth buying if you’re an overclocker looking to push frequency barriers or a power user with time to tweak the performance.

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  • Strong overclocking potential.
  • Our sample hit more than 3.1GHz.
  • Effective heatspreaders.
  • Good compatibility with two XMP profiles.


  • Tall heatsinks may cause CPU cooler interference.
  • Need tweaking to obtain the best performance numbers.

KitGuru says: A solid memory kit with strong overclocking potential and an effective cooling design.



Rating: 8.0.

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  • Wilker

    Great review Luke, but I do have a little disagreement over the oversized heatspreaders. there is never any need for these – a good airflow case is more than enough. Green PCB is a bad move too as you say,

    They cause so many issues with CPU coolers.