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Klevv Bolt XR & Cras XR RGB 4000MHz 16GB Memory Review

Klevv’s 4000MHz 16GB memory kits’ performance overall is reasonable enough and generally trades blows against 3600MHz single-rank kits with tighter timings. This may sound like a rather underwhelming performance result, but our 3800MHz testing with the Klevv kit effectively downclocked shows signs of strong performance improvement over 3600MHz single-rank DDR4 with tighter latencies.

This is particularly useful to users who want the flexibility to push their Ryzen CPU’s Fabric and Memory Controller clocks beyond the 1800MHz limit that DDR4-3600MHz kits permit. There are performance improvements to be had with this tuning method, and that’s why memory such as Klevv’s that can run stable at higher-than-3800MHz proves useful.

Cras XR RGB has a good RGB light system with solid control without the need for additional software. The brightness and smoothness is nearing Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL quality levels, so that is very strong praise. And the oval-style lightbar design will appeal to many, especially with the tolerable module height.

Bolt XR is a commodity type design comparable to Corsair Vengeance LPX and serves a purpose if you want low-profile, no-frills DIMMs.

Neither kit is really priced in dual-rank DDR4-3600MHz 32GB kit territory – which is very strong for AMD Ryzen performance – so that’s a harsh battle that Klevv thankfully does not have to fight.

The Cras XR RGB is the better buy of the two when looking at its market positioning. £145 for a 4GHz kit of this calibre is actually quite reasonable, particularly when comparisons versus the similarly-priced Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro are favourable. Notable competitors from G.SKILL and Crucial tend to be higher priced. And you’re likely limited to Thermaltake or ADATA if you want a cheaper set.

The Bolt XR feels a little on the high side of pricing at £130. That is because Patriot is offering a Viper Steel 4GHz 16GB kit for around £100-110, and some flashier Thermaltake 4GHz and even ADATA 4133MHz kits are sub-£120 at eBuyer. However, that Patriot memory perhaps uses less preferential SpekTek ICs based on our recent testing of Viper Steel (though we cannot validate that exact kit). And we can’t speak for IC quality of the other cheaper kits.

Comparable 16GB 4GHz kits from the Corsair Vengeance LPX range, for example, are also around £130 at the likes of Scan. So Klevv’s pricing seems perhaps tolerable if you specifically want 4GHz 16GB DDR4 with guaranteed Hynix ICs and a non-obtrusive heatspreader.

Klevv’s Bolt XR and Cras XR RGB are two well-designed single-rank 16GB kits. You get a solid performance offering from the 4GHz Hynix DJR memory ICs. The Cras XR RGB in particular looks like a pretty good buy at its price point of around £145 if you simply don’t fancy Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro for whatever reason, such as personal or module height or iCUE reservations.

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  • Strong performance flexibility with Zen 3.
  • Excellent frequency and latencies OC results.
  • Non-intrusive design, especially in terms of height.
  • Good RGB lighting system from the Cras XR RGB.
  • Cras XR RGB Pricing seems OK in the UK.


  • Bolt XR pricing is mediocre.
  • Out-of-the-box timings are unflattering.
  • Not ideal for usage with Ryzen using default XMP mode (due to FCLK/UCLK operation).

Bolt XR Award & Score:

Rating: 7.

Cras XR RGB Award & Score:

Rating: 8.

KitGuru says: Two solid memory kits with good overclocking headroom and plenty of frequency flexibility. The Cras XR RGB in particular is an impressive option with its lighting and reasonable price.

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