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Kingston HyperX Genesis 2666mhz Memory Review (Z77)

If you want the fastest possible memory then the Kingston HyperX Genesis 2666mhz kit is just about as good as you can buy. We had no problems getting the 2666mhz XMP profile operational with the Asus ROG Maximus V Gene Z77 motherboard.

As expected, the HyperX Genesis 2666mhz kit delivers class leading results for the Z77 platform, outperforming our fast 2,400mhz memory by G.Skill and Corsair. If we had access to another of these kits from Kingston we could have posted some results in Quad Channel via the X79 platform, but sadly that wasn’t possible for early publication today.

Kingston have experienced some criticism in the past for their use of dramatically oversized heatspreaders, which can cause some mounting issues with the largest CPU coolers, such as Noctua’s NH D14. The HyperX Genesis memory we reviewed today causes no such problems, as the heatspreaders are no bigger than the PCB underneath.

The argument could be made that high speed memory doesn’t make a dramatic impact on overall system performance ‘in the real world’, however we can see noticeable gains with professional level tasks, such as 3D encoding. Gamers however will only notice minor gains when upgrading to 2,400mhz or 2,600mhz memory.

We don’t have pricing information at time of press, but you can expect to pay a premium over 1,600mhz, 1,866mhz and even 2,133mhz memory. It is therefore difficult to give a final score today, however it is certainly WORTH BUYING if you are trying to build the fastest possible system while eliminating any potential bottlenecks.


  • Heatspreaders are compact.
  • XMP profile worked fine @ 2,666mhz with the ASUS Motherboard.
  • Great all round performance.


  • Be prepared to pay more for 2,666mhz speeds.

Kitguru says: A great memory kit from Kingston targeted at the ultra high end audience who aren’t willing to accept any compromises.

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Rating: 8.5.

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