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Kingston HyperX Genesis 2666mhz Memory Review (Z77)

We need a good motherboard to get the most from the Kingston HyperX Genesis 2666mhz Memory, so we decided to use the Asus ROG Maximus V Gene Z77, which we also reviewed today.

The Kingston memory has two XMP profiles, one configured at 2,400mhz and the other at 2666mhz, both with timings of 11-13-13-30 @ 2N. Profile 2 is the fallback option for boards that won’t support the 2,666mhz speeds.

We can see the DRAM Timing control settings are configured to 11-13-13-30, as expected.

System validation is available over here.

We tried to manually overclock the board to 2,800mhz via the built in options on the Asus ROG Maximus V Gene Z77 motherboard. Sadly the system wouldn’t post at this speed, even when we relaxed the timings to 14-14-14-40. We also tried cranking the voltage a little, to 1.68, outside Intel specifications.

We did manage to get the memory running at 2712mhz, by increasing the BCLK/PEG Frequency but it made little difference to the overall performance results. Most people will be content by selecting the 2,666mhz XMP1 profile.

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