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Kingston HyperX Genesis 2666mhz Memory Review (Z77)

We didn’t receive a retail box with our early sample, simply the two sticks inside a protective plastic box. The retail sample will have a blue heatsink and be part of the T1 range.

The memory ships with grey metallic heatspreaders, which are attractive. The stickers don’t detail the exact timings and are marked as ‘KHX2666C11D3T1K2/4GX’. The ‘Genesis’ name is listed underneath the HyperX logo on the left side.

Both sides of the Heatspreader feature the Hyper ‘X’ logo artistically positioned at the edge with ‘DDR3’ underneath. We tried to remove the heatspreaders to look at the PCB, but they were adhered with thermal glue meaning we could very well destroy the memory modules by removing. Kingston wanted the memory back, so we weren’t willing to risk it.

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