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Gigabyte Z97 and H97 Motherboards Gallery

Release date for the Z97 and H97 chipsets is rapidly approaching and motherboard makers are frantically preparing for the upcoming launch. We have a gallery of pictures for the upcoming Gigabyte motherboards based on the Intel 9-series chipset. No further explanation is required; simply sit back and feast your eyes on Gigabyte's comprehensive range of 9-series motherboards.

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Z97 Gaming motherboards

Gigabyte will release a host of Gaming series motherboards. Highlights of the Gaming motherboards include a Killer E2200 series NIC, Realtek ALC1150- or Creative Sound Core 3D-based audio system and a red and black colour scheme.

Z97X-Gaming_3 (1024) Z97X-Gaming_5 (1024) Z97X-Gaming_7 (1024)

The Z97X-Gaming 3 (the motherboard in the picture is incorrect – it is actually the H97-Gaming 3), Z97X-Gaming 5 and Z97X-Gaming 7 will be offered in the ATX form factor. SATA Express and m.2 support is consistent across these three boards.

Z97X-Gaming_G1 (1024) Z97X-Gaming_G1_WIFI-BK (1024) Z97X-Gaming_GT (1024)

Increased capabilities with multi-VGA configurations is offered by the Z97X-Gaming G1, Z97X-Gaming G1 WiFi-BK and the Z97X-Gaming GT. Both of the G1 boards utilise a Creative Sound Core 3D audio system.

Z97N_Gaming_5 (1024) Z97MX-Gaming_5 (1024)

Two smaller form factor boards are present in the Gaming series – the mini-ITX Z97N-Gaming 5 and the mATX Z97MX-Gaming 5. Both boards utilise a Realtek ALC1150-based audio solution and a Killer E2200 series NIC.

G1_SNIPER_Z97 (1024)

Also predominantly centred around gaming is the G1.Sniper Z97 motherboard. Last year Gigabyte introduced their G1.Sniper Z87 motherboard which offered many gaming features at a very aggressive price point.

Z97 Series motherboards

The Gigabyte Z97 series motherboard will span a variety of price points and offering differing features based on the target markets. A black and yellow colour scheme is new for Gigabyte on many of their Z97 series motherboards.

Z97_HD3 (1024) Z97P_D3 (1024)
Z97_D3H (1024) Z97X_UD3H (1024)
Z97X_UD3H_BK (1024) Z97X_UD5H (1024)
Z_7X_UD5H_BK_m (1024)Z97X_UD7_TH (1024)

Gigabyte are also going to introduce two black edition motherboards that will feature additional stability and reliability certification. We previewed the Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK Black Edition motherboard over HERE.

Z97N_WIFI (1024) Z97M_DS3H (1024) Z97M_D3H (1024)

Three smaller form factor motherboard will be in Gigabyte's Z97 series; two mATX and one mini-ITX.

Z97X_SLI (1024)

The Gigabyte Z97X-SLI sits in the Z97 series of motherboard but targets users who want a relatively low-cost route to SLI compatibility.

Z97 Overclocking motherboards

Two overclocking motherboards released by Gigabyte will specifically target overclocking enthusiasts.

Z97X-SOC (1024) Z97X-SOC_Force_MB+Box (1024)

The Z97X-SOC and Z97X-SOC Force both use bright orange and black colour schemes. We previewed the Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force motherboard HERE.

H97 motherboards

Gigabyte is also releasing a range of motherboards based on the lower-cost H97 chipset.

H97_DS3H (1024) H97_D3H (1024) H97_HD3 (1024)

Three H97 series boards will target all-round users.

H97-Gaming-3 (1024)

Gigabyte has the H97-Gaming 3 for gamers.

H97N_WIFI (1024) H97M_DS3P (1024) H97M_D3H (1024) H97M_HD3 (1024)

Three H97-based micro-ATX and a mini-ITX motherboard cater for smaller form factor users.

High Resolution Gallery

G1_SNIPER_Z97 H97_D3H H97_DS3H H97_HD3 H97-Gaming-3 H97M_D3H H97M_DS3P H97M_HD3 H97N_WIFI Z_7X_UD5H_BK_m Z97_D3H Z97_HD3 Z97M_D3H Z97M_DS3H Z97MX-Gaming_5 Z97N_Gaming_5 Z97N_WIFI Z97P_D3 Z97X_SLI Z97X_UD3H Z97X_UD3H_BK Z97X_UD5H Z97X_UD7_TH Z97X-Gaming_3 Z97X-Gaming_5 Z97X-Gaming_7 Z97X-Gaming_G1 Z97X-Gaming_G1_WIFI-BK Z97X-Gaming_GT Z97X-SOC Z97X-SOC_Force_MB+Box

KitGuru Says: An extensive range of Z97 and H97 motherboards from Gigabyte. Check back soon for full reviews. 

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