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Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Pro AX Review – 300W for i9-11900K!

Rating: 7.0.

In our launch review of Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake we expressed concern about the power draw of the Core i9-11900K. Today we are looking at three Gigabyte motherboards that support Intel Rocket Lake, with a close eye on the £300 Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Pro AX.

In our video we show the features and hardware in the ATX Z590 Aorus Pro AX, the Micro-ATX B560M Aorus Elite and the Mini-ITX Z590I Aorus Ultra and we also talk about the BIOS. While there is a good deal of difference in the hardware you find on each of the motherboards, it is notable that the BIOS set-up screens are very similar.

As you will see in our video, the BIOS is the source of some frustration as the majority of the features are set to Auto without any explanation as to what that means. This is one thing when it refers, say, to integrated graphics where we are dealing with On or Off but another thing entirely when we are talking about CPU voltage or Load Line Calibration.

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