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Leo Says 58 – Intel Rocket Lake and Adaptive Boost Technology

The news embargo has lifted on Intel 11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake-S so we know plenty about feeds, speeds and prices.  In addition we have discussed Core i7-11700K after a few hundred CPUs mysteriously went on sale early in Germany and France. Add in the fact that Intel launched its Z590 motherboards all the way back in January and you might think we can only now wait for the review embargo to lift on 30th March. Nope, there's still plenty to discuss.

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Intel to introduce memory overcloking support on H570 and B560 motherboards

It looks like Intel will finally introduce memory overclocking support on non-Z motherboards, starting with the 500-series. By enabling memory overclocking support, systems equipped with H570 or B560 motherboards will allow memory modules to operate above their official specifications for increased performance. Unlike AMD, which offers overclocking support on almost all …

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