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Gigabyte AORUS GP-AP850GM PSU Review


The box has a nice graphics design and vivid colors. At its face there is a photo of the unit with the fan grill exposed.

The 80 PLUs Gold badge is quite large and right next to it a number of icons represent some notable features such as the fully modular cable design, the Japanese caps, the smart fan control (like there is a power supply nowadays without fan control) and the single +12V rail.

The model description is located right below all aforementioned icons.

On one of the sides is the technical specifications table along with a list of the provided cables and connectors, while on the other side is the power specifications table and two graphs showing the efficiency and fan noise curves. The serial number along with the model description is depicted on a small sticker, installed at the bottom of the box.

At the rear side of the box Aorus provides more information about the modular cable configuration. There are some interesting photos here showing the caps on the cables, the APFC's bulk caps and the double-ball bearings of the fan which promise double the lifetime of a sleeve bearing.


The protection inside the box is good, since the PSU is protected by large foam spacers.

The bundle is not rich, since there are no Velcro straps or even zip ties. You do get though a pouch, to store the unused modular cables. The user's manual is translated in many languages.


This is a nice looking power supply, mostly thanks to the top side with the octagonal fan grill, featuring the Aorus logo at its center. At the face of the unit the AC receptacle is covered by a sticker, informing that the fan will not spin under light loads. It would be nice if there was a switch for toggling the semi-passive operation on and off.

The stickers on the sides look nice, while a large sticker at the bottom side of the unit depicts the power specifications table along with all certifications that this product carries.

The modular panel has ten sockets in total, which are quite close to each other so it won't be so easy to remove the cables if you use all the sockets.

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