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Asus ROG STRIX 750W Gold Power Supply Review

The box for the ASUS ROG Strix 750W power supply is quite effective and rather attractive. We like the RGB/Rainbow style logo bottom left and the high resolution image of the power supply on the right side.

Asus are highlighting four key elements on the rear of the box.

  1. ROG Heatsinks – their custom designed heatsinks which cover ‘critical components’ in the design. Helping to reduce noise and to enhance component life.
  2. Premium Components – The adoption of ASUS ROG to use Japanese Capacitors and low RDS MOSFETS.
  3. Axial-Tech Fan Design – They are using a smaller hub fan design to facilitate longer fan blades. They say they are using a ‘barrier ring’ to increase downward air pressure. Its a Dual ball fan bearing design for long life.
  4. Cosmetic Customisation – The fully modular design is a noteworthy feature, as it allows the end user to use only the cables he or she needs for the system build. They also discuss the magnetic logo and stickers.

The bundle with the power supply is quite substantial. Asus include a mixture of plastic and felt cable ties, stickers and the magnetic logo, along with literature on the product, regional specific power connectors, and mounting screws.

The video above shows you all the areas you can ‘tweak’ to your colour preference. A good move by ASUS in our opinion as more and more people are creating colour themed system builds every year.

Power Cord x 1
Motherboard Power cable x 1
CPU Cable 1000mm x 2
PCI-E Cable x 2
SATA Cable x 2
Peripheral x 1

All the cables for this power supply are braided with our particular sample shipping with two power plugs, one for UK and the other for EU.

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