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Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply review

The Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply is quite remarkable. This is the first power supply we have tested that has achieved 80 Plus Titanium certification. Our tests show it did indeed pass Titanium rated efficiency levels, which is especially notable considering the 1,500 watt output.

Flextronics may not have a big name in the OEM sector, but if they keep producing designs to this level they will be surely start to get a lot more recognition by the high end enthusiast audience.

The Corsair AX1500i supply exhibits no weaknesses and passed all our tests with flying colours. Voltage regulation is simply remarkable and it handled our intensive cross loading test without a problem. Ripple suppression is also class leading – I don’t think we have seen any results close to this especially for a unit delivering 1,500 watts of power.

While many people considering a 1,500 watt power supply would be willing to live with a fair amount of fan noise, one of the most remarkable aspects of testing the AX1500i this week was the complete lack of noise. Even when handling 1,500 watts of power, the large fan was only emitting between 34 and 35 dBa of noise. Many power supplies we have tested in the last year are louder when dealing with only 50% of this output demand.

While the technical data is the most important criteria when considering a power supply at this level, Corsair’s presentation does deserve mention. The box artwork, bundle and accessories immediately instill a feeling of owning a quality, exclusive product. The Corsair link system is also a lovely addition, as you can monitor and adjust settings within Windows.

We have yet to receive confirmed UK pricing, but Corsair told us that USA pricing is set at $449.99. A quick currency conversion check today indicates a UK price of £267 pre VAT. Adding 20% UK vat (£54) put the final price around the £320-£325 mark. Ripoff Britain is just something we have to deal with.

It is a lot of money to spend on a power supply, but we would imagine if you just bought two AMD R9 295X2 graphics cards, or have four Nvidia GTX Titan Black GPU’s, that another £320 won’t cause a problem for the bank manager. 10 PCIe cables ensure support for the most hardcore of system configurations.

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  • Voltage regulation.
  • efficiency results are class leading.
  • self diagnostic feature.
  • Corsair Link.
  • Single +12V output up to 125A.
  • Ten PCI-E connectors.
  • 7 year warranty.
  • fully modular.
  • built to the highest standards, both outside and in.


  • None that we can think of – if you can afford it that is.

Kitguru says: The Corsair AX1500i has just issued a serious statement. The best high end power supply ever? It would be difficult to argue against.

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Rating: 9.5.

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