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Corsair RMi Series 1000W Review

Rating: 8.5.

Today we look at two new power supplies in the new Corsair RMi Series. In this particular review we look at the higher capacity RMi 1000 watt unit – designed to serve the ultra high end enthusiast user. If you visit the front page of KitGuru.net today you will see we have also published a review of Corsair’s lower cost 750 watt supply. This 1000 watt model is ideal for powering two or three high demand graphics cards. Priced at £144.95 in the UK, it firmly targets the audience with deeper pockets. It carries 80 Plus Gold certification, is fully modular and has a switchable +12V configuration – offering single or multi rail operation. Corsair have focused on the build quality, incorporating all Japanese 105c capacitors.


Corsair have incorporated a fluid dynamic bearing fan in all RMi Series power supplies, designed to reduce noise output. Additionally Corsair have spent time selecting the components to ensure coil whine isn’t an issue – extremely important as this issue has been raised many times by KitGuru readers in recent months.
digital link software
The RMi supply has a digital output for Corsair Link monitoring capabilities. There is also a Zero Fan mode to ensure minimum noise levels when the power supply is running with a low power demand – the fan should only spin when the unit is placed under heavy demand. Corsair Link version 3.1.5570 or newer is needed for full RMi support.

RMi vs. RM: The Similarities

  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified: Less heat generated and lower operating costs
  • Fully Modular Cable Interface: Allows users to only install the cables they require, thus reducing clutter and improving airflow
  • ZeroRPM Fan Mode up to 40% Load: Near silent operation at low and medium loads
  • Silent Component Selection: Stringent QC implementation minimizes “coil whine” issues
  • LLC Resonant Mode Topology w/ DC to DC: Improves efficiency, voltage regulation and ensures compatibility with 4th Generation and newer Intel processors.

RMi vs. RM: The Differences

  • 7 Year Warranty: Upgraded from RM’s 5 year warranty
  • ALL Japanese Capacitors: Ensures long life and best in class performance throughout the life of the product
  • Rated for Full Output at 50°C: 10°C higher operating temperature than RM at 40°C
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan: Longer life than RM’s rifle bearing and lower noise than dual ball-bearing fans
  • Digital Output for Additional Corsair Link Monitoring Capabilities: Adds features to RM’s Link capabilities, such as the ability to monitor power in, out, efficiency, output voltages and temperature, as well as DC load and fan speed
  • Additional Corsair Link Control Capabilities: Create a custom fan profile and toggle +12V rail from multiple to single rail mode.

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