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Cougar LX Series 600 W Power Supply

Testing the Cougar LX Series 600 W was a fairly dull experience. Having tested many Cougar power supplies in recent years, I did go into this review with certain expectations, and for the most part I had the analysis fairly close to the results we achieved.

The +12V rail performance is very good and it is certainly capable of powering a good gaming system with one or two graphics cards.

Initial impressions for me where actually fairly positive. Build quality is good, and its not the ugliest looking power supply you could buy on a budget. Its a fully modular design which makes cable routing and building into a space restricted chassis fairly pleasant.

I criticised the fan a little on the previous page, and while under heavy load it can get fairly loud, under most normal operating conditions it isn’t that intrusive.

Internally, we get what we pay for. Cougar have cut costs by incorporating cheap Chinese Capacitors into the primary and secondary stages. While we can expect this at the price point, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t opt for the higher grade 105c rated Caps, rather than 85c. Paying another £5 for a better Capacitor selection would work for me.

Reassuringly Cougar have opted to offer a fairly substantial 5 year warranty with this unit within Europe.

You can buy the Cougar LX Series 600 W from Overclockers UK for £60.95 inc vat HERE.

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  • 5 year warranty in Europe, which is commendable.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Able to deliver slightly more than 600 watts.
  • Fairly silent at lower loads.
  • Fully modular.
  • Strong +12V rail performance.
  • 4x PCI e connectors.


  • low grade Chinese capacitors throughout.
  • no screen printing on chassis – they use giant stickers.
  • 3.3V rail performance raises an eyebrow.
  • Lack of over temperature protection.
  • Bronze efficiency seems almost redundant in 2017.

KitGuru says: Its not going to win any awards on the catwalk, but for the price and considering the healthy 5 year warranty in EU it is pretty good value for money.

Rating: 7.0.

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  • Ottoore

    Teapo isn’t chinese but taiwanese and it produces good quality caps. You’re not going to expect japanese caps in a low budget unit.
    Capxon on the primary side really sucks, it’s 400v certified at least ( most low budget units mount 200v primary caps, 20-30v less than european household power).

  • Margaretsjames

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  • Allan

    Actually I don’t rate TEAPO as anything close to good – its true taiwanese are a little better than those sourced from Chinese plants, but neither of them are great. over the years I have had 2 or 3 of them explode when I was testing power supplies. 1 of them has also leaked. So I stand by my views, which has been based on 5 years of testing power supplies.

  • Ottoore

    3 dead capacitors over 6 years of testing isn’ t good enough? I don’ t say they are perfect, i just state they are a good compromise. Can you list 5 low budget units with jappo caps? ( incoming evga b3, corsair vengeance ok, then?).
    I agree with you about caps origin but we can take advantage of this difference ( i mean chinese/taiwanese) to discern pure chinese trash (capxon, jung fu,elite…) and admissible ones!
    You remind me this article, Jonny from jonnyguru seems to agree with that.
    Thanks for the review, greetings from Italy.

  • Allan

    I know Jon Gerow pretty well , he works for Corsair now and other people seem to be running JohnnyGuru’s website. Not sure why on earth you are linking me to Toms Hardware or why you want a debate with me over this. I have opinions, just like you, and I personally always warn people when they are buying very budget power supplies with Chinese capacitors as I have seen quite a few failures testing power supplies over the years – its always with TEAPO capacitors. I also never said they needed to be loaded with Japanese capacitors regardless of price – I just mentioned there could potentially be problems due to my own findings. I will try and hunt out some photographs I took at the time and its always TEAPO – not other Chinese or Taiwanese brands.