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Cougar LX Series 600 W Power Supply

Rating: 7.0.

We know not everyone can afford a £100+ power supply, so today we are looking at a new 650 watt unit from Cougar currently on sale at Overclockers UK for only £60 inc vat.

This unit is 80 Plus Bronze Certified, fully modular and has a single +12v rail to deal with high power devices.

Cougar are only making two LX power supplies in this range, a 500 Watt unit and a 600 Watt unit. Both are Bronze certified and fully modular. which will certainly appeal to the audience building a system inside a space restricted chassis.


  • Compact size – only 140mm in length, fits a majority of systems
  • Fully Modular – Connect only the cables you need for less clutter & better airflow
  • HDB Fan Powered – Hydro Dynamic Bearing Fan, extended durability & lower noise levels
  • Fan Curve fine tuning – advanced technology for better cooling quality
  • Impressive operation at 40 degrees ambient temperature
  • 80 Plus Bronze Certified – reaching efficiency of up to 88%
  • Compliant with ErP Lot 2013 – Energy consumption in standby is <0.5W
  • Support for Multi-GPU technology – Suppoerts PCI Express 3.0 VGA cards with 6+2Pin PCI-E connectors.
  • Ultra Stable Voltage Outputs – DC to DC technology for enchanced voltage stability
  • Single +12V DC Source
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Strong safeguards including OCP, OPP, OVP, UVP & SCP
  • Optimized Over Current Protection – Your components will operate stably and be protected from harm.

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  • Ottoore

    Teapo isn’t chinese but taiwanese and it produces good quality caps. You’re not going to expect japanese caps in a low budget unit.
    Capxon on the primary side really sucks, it’s 400v certified at least ( most low budget units mount 200v primary caps, 20-30v less than european household power).

  • Margaretsjames

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  • Allan

    Actually I don’t rate TEAPO as anything close to good – its true taiwanese are a little better than those sourced from Chinese plants, but neither of them are great. over the years I have had 2 or 3 of them explode when I was testing power supplies. 1 of them has also leaked. So I stand by my views, which has been based on 5 years of testing power supplies.

  • Ottoore

    3 dead capacitors over 6 years of testing isn’ t good enough? I don’ t say they are perfect, i just state they are a good compromise. Can you list 5 low budget units with jappo caps? ( incoming evga b3, corsair vengeance ok, then?).
    I agree with you about caps origin but we can take advantage of this difference ( i mean chinese/taiwanese) to discern pure chinese trash (capxon, jung fu,elite…) and admissible ones!
    You remind me this article, Jonny from jonnyguru seems to agree with that.
    Thanks for the review, greetings from Italy.

  • Allan

    I know Jon Gerow pretty well , he works for Corsair now and other people seem to be running JohnnyGuru’s website. Not sure why on earth you are linking me to Toms Hardware or why you want a debate with me over this. I have opinions, just like you, and I personally always warn people when they are buying very budget power supplies with Chinese capacitors as I have seen quite a few failures testing power supplies over the years – its always with TEAPO capacitors. I also never said they needed to be loaded with Japanese capacitors regardless of price – I just mentioned there could potentially be problems due to my own findings. I will try and hunt out some photographs I took at the time and its always TEAPO – not other Chinese or Taiwanese brands.