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Seasonic PRIME TX-650 Titanium PSU (2020) Review

Seasonic are using a Hong Hua FSB fan model number ‘HA13525L12F-Z’. Rated 0.22A 12V and 1,600 rpm. Seasonic have been using Hong Hua fans in many of their units in the last year. These Fluid Dynamic bearing fans offer long life and quiet operation.

Below - a High Resolution Gallery of the internal layout of the Power supply.

Soldering quality throughout is excellent as we would expect from a high quality brand such as Seasonic. They have removed some of their inline capacitors and have adopted a new double layer PCB design to improve ripple and noise performance.  The back panel is connected to the PCB by a copper plate rather than cables.

Due to the high efficiency of this power supply Seasonic don’t have to populate the PCB with too many heatsinks.

Seasonic are using 105c high grade Japanese capacitors throughout the primary and secondary stages. The primary hold up caps are 470uF 400V rated, 105c. for a total of 940uF.

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