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Seasonic X-Series 1050W Power Supply (SS-1050XM2)

This range of X-Series power supplies is finished with gold accenting on the sides and fan grill. The gold colour has received a mixed reception with our readership because it doesn’t always match a colourscheme in a system build.
The fan is barely seen behind the gold grill, but we will take a closer unit at it, when we open the unit shortly.
One side of the power supply is fully vented to help air flow. At the side is a power switch and connector.
There are several rows for the modular connectors and Seasonic have labelled them clearly to aid with the build phase. There is a sticker on the right which indicates the dual switch operation of the fan – hybrid and normal. You should remove this sticker before installing the unit.
The new model is highlighted by the name ‘SS-1050XM2′. If you are buying this power supply make sure you check first that it is the newer XM2 model – Seasonic don’t highlight this clearly on their box which makes matters more confusing. A simple, yet easily seen ‘XM2’ sticker on the box would help.

Seasonic X-Series 1050W XM2
DC Output
Max Output
Max Combined 150W 1044W 6W 15W

The only difference between this unit and the more powerful X-Series 1250W XM2, is the A delivery on the +12V. The 1250W unit can handle up to 104A, the 1050W model 87A.

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