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Seasonic X-Series 1050W Power Supply (SS-1050XM2)

We had high hopes for the new Seasonic X-Series 1050W XM2 and we haven’t been disappointed. This is a power supply designed to cater to the enthusiast gamer with an expensive Crossfire or SLI setup. The new 2014 model builds on the strengths of the older 2012 model, tweaks the appearance a little and adds some new features into the mix.

You are either going to love or hate the gold accenting on the X-Series – the artwork has changed a little on the side panels, but some readers on our Facebook page have mentioned that the gold does not fit in well with specific system colour schemes.

The fan controller has been upgraded in the new 2014 model, it has a new multi loop IC control incorporating Hysteresis to help prolong fan life. Dual copper bars are included with an reported extra 40% trace capacity which help it to handle higher current more efficiently.

The larger X-Series 1250W power supply blitzed our tests so we expected the 1050W version to perform well. Technically there is little, if anything to fault with this design – it produces high levels of efficiency with stable voltage regulation. It excelled in the intensive cross load test and handled a steady 74 amp load without a problem.

Ripple suppression is excellent, and +3.3V, +5V and +12V rails all fall well within rated industry tolerance specifications. +12V peaked at around 35mV which is an excellent result.

We also tested the Seasonic X-Series 1050W XM2 with two overclocked Nvidia Titan Black graphics cards, and a high end 4790k system, overclocked to 4.8ghz and it was rock solid over the course of several days intensive testing. The pure modular design will also ensure a neat and tidy build, especially with a windowed panel.

You will be able to pick up the new SS-1050XM2 power supply later this week in the United Kingdom for around the £170 inc vat mark. Just make sure you are buying the newer XM2 supply because we checked today and some UK stores are still selling the older model.

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  • quiet
  • rock solid.
  • fully modular.
  • built to handle high end Crossfire and SLi systems.
  • delivered almost 1,200 watts before shutting down.


  • The gold colour scheme seems to split opinion.
  • an ‘XM2’ sticker on the box would help the consumer.

Kitguru says: Seasonic strengthen their new range with the excellent 1050watt model. Considering what you get, the price is reasonably competitive too.

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Rating: 9.0.

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