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Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W Review

The Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W is a plain black power supply, suitable visually for basically any system you may be building. A white version is also available. The paint quality is quite good and it pretty much passed our screwdriver test, with only a slight scratch visible. Our scratch test involves running the head of a Philip’s screwdriver down the side of the chassis with weak to modest pressure. How often have you accidentally hit a power supply with some tools during a system build phase?
The fan is hidden by a grill which is cut into the chassis. We will take a closer look at the fan when we open the chassis later in the review.
The side panels look plain black on first glance, but closer inspection highlights the ‘Super Flower' brand name and logo, etched into the metal.
One side of the chassis is vented with a power connector and switch at the side. There is an ‘AUTO' and ‘ECO' switch underneath which offers fan control adjustment. ECO mode activates a semi passive mode to allow the fan to stay slow until a specific temperature is hit.
The modular panel is very fancy looking, with white headers built into the chassis – these light up white when in action. There are 9 universal modular connectors which can take any of the cables, although the main motherboard cable connects to the larger port bottom right in the image above.

Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W PSU
DC Output
Max Output
Max Combined Wattage 110W 649.2W 6W 15W

The power supply can deliver 649Watts to the +12V rail. The +3.3V and +5V rail output 24A and 22A respectively. The Bitfenix Fury 650W which we reviewed a few months ago can deliver 26A to both of these rails (although the +12V output is a little weaker – to 50A).

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