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Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W Review

Super Flower are using a Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan by Globe Fan, model number RL4Z S1402512M. This is a low noise fan, rated to a maximum of 1,500rpm.
The Leadex design uses an LLC resonant converter with bridge topology to offer lossless switching. The secondary side uses a synchronous design with mosfets and two DC to DC converters – these generate the minor rails. The main PCB is home to the filtering components which consists of CM chokes, two X caps, two pair of Y caps and an MOV.

Overall, soldering quality is good, but a little below what we would consider the highest grade.
Super Flower are using a high grade Japanese capacitor in the primary stage. The Nippon Chemi Con capacitor (KMQ series) is rated 105c, 400V and 470uF.

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  • Jose P

    SuperFlower dont have the infrastructure of Seasonic but perform a really good job with their little factories.

    I’ll buy and recommend more superflower psu’s for help them to build more awesome products

  • tribal

    please review this Super Flower SF-600R14SE Silver Green 600W PSU 80 PLUS SILVER. none are review this psu from super flower