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PNY CS2211 240GB SSD Review

To test the real life performance of a drive we use a number of different file folders to write to and read back from the drive under test. The files are written from/read back to a 256GB SSD (Samsung SSD850 Pro)

The file folders are made up as follows:-
60GB Steam folder – 29,521 files
50GB File folder – 28,523 files
12GB Movie folder – 24 files (mix of Blu-ray and 4K files)
10GB Photo folder – 621 files (mix of .png, raw and .jpeg images)
10GB Audio folder – 1,483 files (mix of mp3 and .flac files)

Real Life transfers

The CS2211 shows good transfer speeds both writing to and reading from the drive whatever the file type or size.

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