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Crucial BX500 480GB SSD Review

PCMark 8’s Consistency test provides a huge amount of performance data, so here we’ve looked a little closer at how the BX500 performs in each of the benchmarks test suites.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The drive takes a pounding during the Photoshop Heavy and Light tests and the recovery phases for both test traces are somewhat erratic. The drive handles the Adobe InDesign trace the best of all but even here there are some dramatic plunges in bandwidth during the Degradation and Steady State phases.

Microsoft Office

The BX500 really struggles with the Word trace in the MS Office tests and the recovery phases for all of the three Office tests sees bandwidths falling off a cliff by the end of the test.

Casual Gaming

Although the drive gets hit quite hard during both casual gaming tests it does recover very well indeed. The best performance in the recovery phases comes from the Battlefied 3 trace.

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