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Intel SSD DC P4510 8TB review

The bottom of the case is made from heavy-duty cast aluminium and has a finned heatsink design that helps dissipate the heat from the drive.

We didn’t open up the P4510 to look at the internal layout, but what we do know is that it uses two PCBs joined together with a data ribbon. One carries the Intel controller along with the DRAM cache chips, a large capacitor for the power loss protection and some of the NAND packages. The second PCB carries all of the remaining 64-layer Intel 3D TLC NAND packages that make up the drives capacity.

The drive uses a PCIe 3.1 x4, NVMe 1.2 U.2 interface.



Intel’s Toolbox SSD management utility supports the DC P4510 and is a pretty comprehensive tool for looking after your SSD. The home screen displays information about the drive, how the capacity is being used, its health and estimated life remaining.

There are seven buttons on the right hand side of the utility main screen. These are for Intel’s SSD Optimizer, two drive diagnostic scans, one quick the other full, secure erase, firmware updates, a system tuner and a page for system information.

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