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SK hynix SE3010 960GB Review

As you might expect from a drive with the focus on reads, the 4K random read IOPS performance from the SK hynix SE3010 960GB is very, very strong. At a very shallow queue depth of 1 (more like desktop use) it outperforms all the other  960GB/1TB 2.5in class drives we have tested producing 95,656 IOPS. This is a little lower than the official figure of 98,000 IOPS, but still very good.

When tested at a queue depth of 256 which is more akin to the heavy traffic in its normal working environment like web serving, it actually gets faster, producing a score of 98,678 IOPS, surpassing the official figure.

What is surprising though is how strong the write performance was when tested scoring a very good 85,135 IOPS although this did fall once the drive was given a serious amount of work to do – at a queue depth of 256 it produced a figure of 84,199 IOPS.

It's also a drive built to last with a strong metal case and thermal pads on both the lid and base to help disperse heat build-up … not to mention built in power protection.

At the time of writing we couldn't find anyone selling the drive or a UK price for it.

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  • Excellent read performance at deep queue depths.
  • Power protection for data.
  • Competitive price.


  • Read performance for small bitty files at shallow queue depths not its strong point.

Kitguru says: As a drive designed for intensive reads at deeper queue depths the SE3010 certainly delivers with particularly strong IOPS performance for random reads.


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Rating: 8.0.

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  1. Christopher Lennon

    the numbers for the Samsunf 850 EVO 1TB SSD are low compared to other reviews…just mentioning it because the 850 EVO 1TB, according to other reviews, beats all the drives on this site’s graphics in this article. http://www.thessdreview.com/our-reviews/samsung-850-evo-ssd-review-1tb-differing-series-controllers-compared/3/

  2. This is an enterprise drive, it has power protection and has nothing to do with the EVO. Also, the EVO is a TLC drive. I’d take an MX200 1TB over it any day.

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