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Western Digital Black PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe 512GB SSD Review

PCMark 8’s Consistency test provides a huge amount of performance data, so here we’ve looked a little closer at how the WD Black PCIe 512GB performs in each of the benchmarks test suites.

Adobe Creative Cloud

PCMark8’s Photoshop Heavy test is one trace that really does push any drive really hard but WD’s Black PCIe copes pretty well. It starts the Degradation cycle at 227MB/s but doesn’t drop any lower during the remaining degradation and all the steady state cycles. It recovers well climbing up to 448MB/s before dropping back slightly to 444MB/s

Microsoft Office

The drive’s performance in the Microsoft Office test suite is erratic to say the least. All the way through the test cycle for all three programs the drive doesn’t show much in the way of consistency. Although the drive eventually recovers well in the PowerPoint and Excel test runs, it doesn’t recover at all well from the Word tests.

Casual Gaming

The drive takes quite a battering during the degradation and steady state phases of casual gaming test, particularly during the World Of Warcraft runs. It does, however recover very well from the ordeal, recovering a little better from the Battlefield 3 test runs than those of the World Of Warcraft.

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    Only last saturday I picked up a 250GB Samsung 960 Evo PCIe NVMe. I’ve paired it up with a Asus Gene and a fresh install of Windows and it is blisteringly fast. Is it an absolute must have item for the average user…….probably not, but still, what computer geek considers himself the average user.

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