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OCZ Trion 150 240GB and 480GB SSD Review

AS SSD is a great free tool designed just for benching Solid State Drives. It performs an array of sequential read and write tests, as well as random read and write tests with sequential access times over a portion of the drive. AS SSD includes a sub suite of benchmarks with various file pattern algorithms but this is difficult in trying to judge accurate performance figures.
as ssd

as ssdasssd
AS SSD deals exclusively with incompressible data, and we can see the Toshiba controller performs very well in this situation. Scores are strong in the write section of the tests, but overall they are let down a little by 4k read.

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Some other comparisons from leading manufacturer drives, which we have tested in recent months.

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  1. Anyone word on the consistency of this drive? I know that when Anandtech reviewed the Trion 100 it was pretty poor for latency and consistency. Further its 4kb random read and write speeds were also rather concerning. I appreciate that this is meant to be a value drive, but personally I worry too many corners were cut with the Trion 100, Do we feel these have been rectified enough to compete with the BX200, EVO 850 or even OCZs own Arc 100.

    Personally I awaiting to see what OCZ release for enthusiasts (Feels like its been an agesince the Vector 180 dropped!) rather then value customers. But as the guy that often puts SSDs in friends laptops I like to keep an eye on the value world

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