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OCZ Trion 150 240GB and 480GB SSD Review

IOMeter is another open source synthetic benchmarking tool which is able to simulate the various loads placed on hard drive and solid state drive technology.
4k read setts 300x220 Apotop S3C 256GB SSD Review
We test with both random read and write 4k tests, as shown above. There are many ways to measure the IOPS performance of a Solid State Drive, so our results will sometimes differ from manufacturer’s quoted ratings. We do test all drives in exactly the same way, so the results are directly comparable.
iometer 4k readiometer 4k write

iometer 4k readiometer 4k write
Random 4k IOPS read performance is very strong, with both drives scoring between 85,000 and 88,000. Random 4k IOPS performance isn't as strong (44513 IOPS for 240GB and 61928 IOPS for 480GB), although both drives are significantly improved over the older Trion 100 drives (22981 IOPS for Trion 100 240GB and 30128 for Trion 100 480GB).

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