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Delay confirmed on Ivy Bridge mobile chips

Some more info has come to light on the whole delayed Ivy Bridge subject that surfaced a week or so back. When word initially surfaced about the delays we were lead to believe it was the entire lineup that would be affected, but thankfully within a couple of days We were hearing that it would only be the dual core mobile parts being pushed back.

Both rumour and speculation had since swirled around with the same line of thinking behind the reasons for the delay – it was believed that Intel has deliberately pressed the pause button on its Ivy Bridge Core family for Notebook partners to help ease bloated inventories of Sandy Bridge parts before its next-gen wave of Core chips strike the market.

Now we have actual confirmation of the delayed Ivy Bridge mobile parts from a solid course on this subject. Sean Maloney, executive vice-president of Intel and chairman of Intel China told the Financial Times that its next-gen mobile chips will start selling 8 to 10 weeks later than initially planned, ie. from the original date of April to June.

During his brief discussion Sean also stated that the reason for the delay is in order to iron out the kinks in the 22nm fab process, but we're not so sure his nose didn't grow a few mm longer as a result.

KitGuru says: Knowing Intel, it got its 22nm process down pat for Ivy Bridge earlier than anticipated and the true reason behind the delay is to help OEMs clear out their chunky Sandy Bridge inventories.

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