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First Oculus Rift CV1s have shipped, start arriving Monday

Three and a half years on from its initial Kickstarter campaign, the consumer version of the Oculus Rift headset has now begun shipping to consumers. Confirmed by CEO Brendan Iribe on Twitter, the first ones out the door will begin arriving on customers' doorsteps on Monday, the 28th.

While that might not apply to the UK, since we have our bank holiday to contend with, it certainly won't be long until the Rift CV1 shows up at everyone's homes. Coming in the fancy carry case with a white sleeve, those receiving a free Kickstarter Edition and pre-orderers will receive the headset itself, with built in headphones, a wireless Xbox One controller, constellation tracking camera and a wireless remote.

The headsets are also shipping with a few games for early pre-orderers. There's the 3D platforming Luckey's Tale, offering quite a new take on the traditional genre, and first person space-combat sim, Eve Valkyrie.

As well as those two games though, we learned at the Games Developer Conference that the Rift would launch with 30 different games and experiences for players to enjoy. They range from space-floating adventures in ADR1FT, a Project CARS VR port, procedurally generated horror title Dreadhalls and high-speed pipe racer, Radial G, among many others.

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KitGuru Says: As much as I've been enjoying the Vive Pre a lot, I am excited to see how the consumer Rift turns out. I've been looking forward to playing with one for almost three years. It's about time. 

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