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Oculus executives back founder over Trump meme investment


Palmer Luckey's co-executives at Oculus VR have come forward with a message of solidarity for the company founder, despite a lambasting the 24 year old received online for his investment in a company posting memes and spam related to Donald Trump. They defend his right to support whatever political causes …

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Oculus CEO hacked using four year-old MySpace password

Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus VR, has become the latest technology executive to have his social media accounts hacked, with a particular individual claiming responsibility for it on Twitter, announcing themselves as the new head of Oculus. Purportedly, they were able to crack his accounts by discovering his four-year …

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Update: Oculus blames component shortage for delays

Update: Oculus VR has contacted pre-orderers who were promised a March shipping date, with a statement on what the status of their order is. It reads as follows: “We know you're anxious to receive your Oculus Rift and apologize for not updating your order status sooner,” the Oculus Team said …

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Oculus needs Sony to get VR right says Iribe

Oculus VR is one of the world's biggest start up success stories of recent years. Just two years after creating his first prototype and showing it off to John Carmack, founder Palmer Luckey sold his fledgling virtual reality company to Facebook for a cool $2 billion earlier this year. But …

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