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Gigabyte Z390 Aorus WaterForce Build – Leo’s £3500 Custom Loop!

This was our first time working with the Lian Li O11 Dynamic and we were impressed by the design. It is simple, effective and stands out from the mainstream. When did you last see a case that does not support a fan at the rear but does make proper use of the floor as either an intake or an exhaust? Off the top of our head the answer is ‘never’.

While the ticket price of the O11 Dynamic is quite low you need to make an allowance for the fact it is supplied without any fans. Apart from that minor point, the O11 Dynamic is a very nice case and deserves the success it has achieved.

Once the WaterForce system was built we updated the BIOS, used the Smart Fan 5 facility to control the fans at a sensible speed, installed Windows 10 and then installed Gigabyte’s RGB Fusion utility. The Lian Li uses a black/white colour combination and we has chosen EKWB CryoFuel Solid Cloud White coolant so we actually had to think for a while about RGB settings.The default Rainbow Marquee looked a bit … gaudy … so we asked the EKWB Facebook group for their opinion.

The response came back thus:

  • 106 votes for a Static Single Colour
  • 8 votes for Rainbow Marquee
  • 1 vote for Pulsing Single Colour
  • 1 vote for Random
  • 13 votes for None Of The Above

We completely agree with that thinking and prefer a single static colour in our own daily driver, however for the conclusion of the video we went for Random, just to give you a bit of eye candy.

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