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Among Us surpasses 3.8 million concurrent players; 100 million downloads

Just as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout saw a sudden and rapid burst of success, so too has Among Us. Originally released in 2018, the online multiplayer ‘social deduction’ game saw a recent surge in its player base thanks in part to online streamers. Just quite how successful the game has been was unknown until now, with the developers confirming that the game has seen over 3.8 million concurrent players.

Announced on Twitter, the game’s development studio, InnerSloth revealed that “We hit 3 million players across all platforms over the weekend! Thank you everyone for enjoying the game!”

Following some confusion which led some to believe this meant the game had sold 3 million copies, a developer working at InnerSloth, forte_bass, chimed in to clarify that “Mobile and PC combined had 3.8M concurrent [players] last weekend.”

Furthermore, the developer added extra insight into the game’s success, revealing that Among Us has received over 100 million downloads to date, with a recent daily active user base of over 60 million players.

It is worth noting that Among Us is free to download on mobile devices, while costing £3.99 on Steam. There is currently no breakdown for these figures on a platform by platform basis.

Either way, the success of Among Us is undeniable. Recently, after going free-to-play, Rocket League surpassed 1 million concurrent players for the first time. For Among Us to do almost 4X the number is truly impressive.

With the developers cancelling Among Us 2 in order to double down on the first game, it’ll be interesting to see what InnerSloth has in store.

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