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Fall Guys tops Steam charts for 4th week in a row

There’s no denying that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a success. The Takeshi’s Castle styled Battle Royale game has continued to draw the attention of those who are playing it, and even those who are not. We recently reported that Fall Guys had sold 7 million copies on Steam in less than a month. Now, further fueling the fire of its success is the Steam charts, which Fall Guys has topped for its 4th week in a row.

Each week, the global top selling games on Steam for that period is reported. Since the launch of Fall Guys on the 4th of August, the game has managed to top the charts every single week, with the week ending the 30th of August being its 4th successive win.

(Image Source: Gamekings.tv)

This is especially indicative of its success due to the fact that the charts are calculated based on revenue, not unit sales, and Fall Guys is priced at a modest £15.99. Furthermore, a number of major PC titles have launched during this period, including Microsoft Flight Simulator (which retails for £59.99 for the standard edition) as well as the Steam release of Control: Ultimate Edition (£34.99).

With Marvel’s Avengers arriving in just a few days, it’ll be interesting to see whether Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be able to keep the much-anticipated Action-Adventure title at bay, or whether Avengers will ‘take the crown’.

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KitGuru says: Are you playing Fall Guys? Are you surprised by its sales success? Will Avengers dethrone Fall Guys? Let us know down below.

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