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Persona 4 Golden is fixed; now playable on Steam Deck

Being a Linux-based machine, the Steam Deck has to use its Proton compatibility layer in order to play a large number of PC games – which are typically made for Windows machines. With an older version of Proton, Persona 4 Golden would have been incompatible. Luckily, this has now been fixed.

Late last month, Epic Games released the first list of Steam Deck-compatible games. Unfortunately, while a majority of tested games did in fact work, one of the most exciting – Persona 4 Golden – was wholly incompatible.

This was disappointing due to the fact that Persona 4 Golden lends itself nicely to a handheld format, due to its length and gameplay structure (plus Golden originally released on the PS Vita handheld).

As reported by Valve coder Pierre-Loup Griffais, “Proton 7.0 is now available! Highlights include playable Persona 4 Golden, audio fixes for Skyrim and Fallout games, local H264 decoding support, and the foundation for legacy EAC support. SW: Squadrons and Knockout City are currently playable with EAC, with more on the way soon!”

Considering the fact that the Steam Deck is not officially out yet, seeing support being added pre-launch is encouraging, and may have been one of the reasons as to why the device was delayed from its initial late 2021 launch datethough official word from Valve at the time was that the delay was due to hardware shortages. Whether intentionally or not, this delay also means that even more games will be playable day-one – and that is an exciting prospect.

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