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The Master Chief Collection is more popular than Halo Infinite right now

Following an enjoyable honeymoon period, many Halo fans have fallen off of the Halo Infinite train. 343i’s slow rate of updates certainly hasn’t helped. This frustration felt by fans has now led to Halo: The Master Chief Collection surpassing Infinite in concurrent players.

As noted by ResetEra user NekoNeko, Halo: The Master Chief Collection recently surpassed Halo Infinite when it came to peak concurrent users in a 24 hour period on Steam. As of writing, Halo Infinite has peaked with 8,092 players in the last 24 hour period, putting the free-to-play game in the top 100 on Steam currently.

Halo the Master Chief Collection, on the other hand, rests above Infinite with 9,144 peak players. Though the difference is small, it is worth noting that Halo: The Master chief Collection is a paid game, while Infinite’s multiplayer is free-to-play.

Of course, these stats pertain only to Steam. We do not know how many players are using Xbox Game Pass or simply an Xbox console. Still, it is interesting none-the-less to see the 5-month-old game drop to such lows. Hopefully its player base returns when 343i releases their next major update – whenever that is. The studio is now receiving help from external studios including Certain Afinity, so hopefully we hear some good news soon.

KitGuru says: Are you playing Halo Infinite? Do you see yourself returning? Can Halo Infinite have a comeback? Let us know down below.

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